About Us

Were a family owned and operated Bakery & Café with over 60 years of hospitality experience amongst us. Each of us has our area of expertise and love doing what we do!

Jackie (Mom) learned baking from her Mom (Helen Josephine Alamo) and has been making our family delicious desserts for decades. Mom “retired” after working in the banking industry for over 40 years while also helping in our family’s catering and restaurant business through those years as well. We still try to convince her that she is retired as now she has one job, baking, baking and more baking. She’s still not buying it! Mom is the heart of our bakery business and Josephine’s would be lost without her talents.

Kari (Daughter and Sister) has brought her many years of restaurant management and customer service expertise to Josephine’s from Nashville Tennessee where she lived for several years. She is the nerve center of our establishment welcoming customers to Josephine’s . Kari always makes customers feel like extended family as soon as they enter our doors. She is definitely the talker in the family and if you want to know what’s going on in our community, or the history of our location, just ask as she is always happy to share. You know how those country folks love to tell stories!

Kevin (Son and Brother) claims he has been trying to get out the hospitality industry for years and somehow he gets pulled back into it. He has been involved in several evolutions of food related businesses as well as not for profit healthcare nutritional management services. He helps out where needed and appreciates being allowed to be more of the behind the scenes creative force of Josephine’s. He’s the quieter one so you probably not going to get any southern hospitality from him, just some good old fashioned desserts!

Together we have made Josephine’s a blossoming business that provides comfortable service in a whimsical environment, affordable high quality food, and delicious baked goods to the community of Morgan Hill.

We thank all our new “family” for making us feel so welcomed and a part of their community!